The ideology you made fun of or dismissed 2 years ago is resurfacing. Concepts you considered outlandish are now knawing at you. Times are changing and our consciousness is expanding. It doesn’t matter if you’re aware. It doesn’t matter if you got the memo. The shift is happening. No one is going to wait for you. Every time you feel like you are done, life will push you to show you that there’s still ways to be better.

Shut the door that needs to be shut, change the music that’s keeping you in a funk, shake off the old dust.
Stop trying so hard to be who you were and allow yourself to change into who you are, because things are changing. Fast.


Silence and Scribbles

Where does your mind go when it wanders?

Where does it linger when it’s quiet?

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Defying Retrograde

My life isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for me. I am the start of my own beginning. Continue reading


I’m the age I dreamed about as I child. The age when I thought I’d have life figured out. Instead, I’m learning.

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Reminding myself that

I cannot wait for closure. I cannot wait for the shut door. Only I am able to shut doors to my own home, cut my own ties, burn my own bridges. It is I who says when I will go.

This is also a reminder that

When others slam the door shut they made their own closure and it had little to do with me.

This is a reminder to chase after dreams not beings and to disappear into solitude and dedicate as many sunsets as I need to falling back in love with me. To hold on loosely, to fight vicious and let go gracefully.

This is a reminder that my companionship is not generic and peace is expensive.

That I own nothing and feelings change. That all things bend. Most things break.Only  some things can be mended.

This is a reminder for when I say, “it’s not me, it’s you”.


This is for all the gentle souls who often run into heavy handed people; for all the sensitive spirits who don’t know how to find strength in their softness; for all the bitten helpers who don’t know how to ‘just let go’. This is for those who carry, those who are empathic and sensitive, those who can carry a feeling a lot longer than most and keep it in because they’re not prepared for the judgement and probable hurt. This is for those who spend so much time trying to understand this harsh world.

Remember: Softness is strength. Compassion is crucial. Vulnerability is rapture. Chaos is aliveness. Suffering is becoming. Love is untamable. Life is inherently wild.

Softness will give you freedom. It’ll free you from the societal bonds that tell you that you are supposed to be loud, angry and impossibly strong. You are strong by nature not by caricature. It is rebellious to be soft because in real life or otherwise, society wants us to be fighting. Softness is rebellious because society tells us that we can’t experience the full and wonderful complexity that is us.

Last song

May it rain hard on your confidence drought until it floods and drowns out your every doubt.

May you finally accept that the past can never be different.

May you finally find strength in your softness and rapture in your vulnerability.

May you settle in to your chaotic aliveness and not cage yourself and call it living.

May you finally tire of the shallow wading and practicality of love. May you be ready when a profound love walks through the door.

May your bones stop creaking and your blood cool. May your heart mend and beat again.

May you know love by name and voice and touch. May it pull at you no matter where you run.

May you know love that is undoubtedly clear. May your soul sing; unafraid of the end note.

May the nights no longer be scary and the dark hold no secrets.

May mornings bring bare soil and make you smile again.