“we’ve been conditioned to press on mindlessly; be part of the norm.” that’s a quote and that norm is to stuff our voids as full of stimulation and noise as possible. The fact is that we need to relearn how to be alone. If we ever desire true peace, self-knowledge and happiness – the kind that […]

Soul mates 

Some people open up new world’s within us. Don’t always assume there will be many more to come as a great understanding between two beings is often rare. Be sure to nurture and Fiercely appreciate these beautiful friendships and connections. You already known who they are. -Victoria Erickson I am sure we all meet someone […]


You may not realize how much extra weight you are carrying until something knocks you down and in your struggle to get back up all you care about is doing away with any and everything that is heavy. -ggreneewrites We’ve taught ourselves incredible amounts of endurance when it comes to carrying burdens; mountains sometimes, that […]

Another Reason 

​“I find I am constantly being encouraged to pluck out some one aspect of myself and present this as the meaningful whole, eclipsing or denying the other parts of self.”              ~ Audre Lorde  We’ve been trained to go through life trying as much as possible to not express extreme emotions. From young children, we are […]


Fading into obscurity  Losing parts of myself                    …or the parts I thought were me. Less understood, less found                    …in the places, I am. For with every nightfall comes the realization that             […]

Great Lies

It all seemed perfect.  Just perfect enough to get comfortable.  I guess the great lies are that way.  They wait until you’re hooked  Until you’re entangled in them and wrapped up in their beauty and warmth and the minute you start to believe they’re real, They rip apart all the hope you have left.  They […]